Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Peacebuilding

As part of our mandated responsibility to help prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflict abroad, the U.S. Institute of Peace is joining the efforts being undertaken by civil society organizations, elected officials and governments across the world to address issues of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of peacebuilding.

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Felix Condoni, Llapallapani’s mayor and a former fisherman, with a boat in the dry bed of Lake Poopo outside of Llapallapani, Bolivia, May 1, 2016. Lake Poopo, once Bolivia’s second-largest, is now just a dry, salty expanse. Many of the Uru-Murato people, who had lived off its waters for generations, have left joining a new global march of refugees fleeing not war or persecution, but climate change. (Josh Haner/The New York Times)

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Wednesday, January 26 | 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT

COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, displacement, disinformation and democratic backsliding are just a few of the disruptions facing the peacebuilding field and peacebuilders are rising to meet these challenges.